Top 10 Funny Google Tricks

Google is mostly used search engine in the entire world. We almost used it many times in a day but most of us don’t know these amazing google tricks. There are a lot of thing you can do with google. Try once on Google after reading this article. These are simple tricks which anybody can do.

5 Funny Google Tricks – Which you don’t know you could do with Google

1. Zerg Rush

By searching for “zerg rush” on Google, a search page appears that is being eaten by ‘O’s. You have to click on each O three times to kill it. This is like a game on a search page which you can play from everywhere. If you have failed to kill all the O’s all links on the page has been eaten by those O’s.

zerg rush, Top 10 Funny Google Tricks

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2. Play an Old Game in New Way – Atari breakout

If you search “Atari Breakout” in Google images then you must be surprised by the result. Your newest Internet distraction will suddenly appear. This will bring back your childhood memories.

old game



By searching Pacman in google you will be surprised to see. Their is a direct game appear on google to play with.


You can add your name like Google logo in search page to surprise your friends.

google, 10 Best Google Tips and Tricks

5. Google Sky

Search Google Sky on Google and click on the first link which appears. This show you space satellite view for making fun with friends. Similarly, you can search Google Moon and Google Mars for animated view of Moon and Mars.

5 Must Know Google Tricks and Tips for Search

Everybody is using Google in their everyday life but few of them know the exact way to search on google. Read these tips for searching in Google which makes your search even better.

1. Easily Get Definitions

Most of the students are struggling to get proper definition of any word. You can Get your definition by google right at the top. By searching in method stated below:
Use “define [word]” to quickly bring up a word’s definition. Replace your query with “word”.

2. Use Google as Calculator

Yes you can use google directly as calculator. You need to just enter your equation in the search box and press enter. You can also convert currency, length or weight directly on google.

3. Use Google as Stopwatch

You can set time on google like you have 15 minutes to do some work. Type “set timer to 15 minutes” and the timer is star immediately.

4. Get instant Forecast

Type place name and forecast where you want to check weather. e.g. “Delhi Forecast”. You can try more like flight status, Sunrise timing in specific place e.g. “Sunrise in Delhi”

5. Food Comparison

Compare the two foods you want to eat or drink. e.g. “tea vs coffee” just type and search. Google will compare their calories and much more.

Google In 1998

And in the last Search “Google in 1998” to see how google looks few years back. It’s like time machine to go back in the past. Must try 😛