3 Waste Material Craft Ideas to Make Useful Things

3 Waste Material Craft Ideas to Make Useful Things

Waste Material Ideas to Make Useful Craft from Waste

In today’s life peoples are wasting lots of things which can be reused easily with some creativity. So, today we are going to provide you such waste material craft ideas which can be useful in making your waste thing reusable. Have a look at these 9 Best waste material crafts, you can also modify them according to your preference or choice.

3 Waste Material Crafts

1.  Flower Vase from Waste Tissue Paper Roll

3 Waste Material Craft Ideas to Make Useful Things

Most of the peoples using tissue paper in their everyday life and throw its roll as a waste material. But it can be very useful for you to make beautiful things like a flower vase. Here are the steps to make flower vase from tissue paper roll.

  1. Get out your pharmaceutical container
  2. Cut up your tissue roll into little squares
  3. Stick that squares on jug
  4. Color it beautifully.
  5. That’s It.

For more detailed procedure read more here.

2. Various Crafts from Shampoo Bottles

You can easily make various shampoo bottle crafts like mobile holder, small case, flower vase, pencil box, bathroom organiser, soap dish etc. You can read more about making of these things from shampoo bottle and learn a lot of creativity. These crafts are easy to make at home with no difficult procedure.

shampoo bottle craft

Click here to get steps of making these bottle crafts.

3. Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

You can make bird feeder easily with the old plastic bottle of cold drink or soft drink. You just need to modify it by scissors and some creative art from paper and colors.

Plastic bottle Bird Feeder

  1. Make a hole at the centre or little near the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Cover the top of the bottle with old leaves glued together or make this design with Carteret sheet of paper.
  3. Make a hole at the top of the bottle to attach it with rope to hang it on a tree or your balcony.
  4. Color the bottle with brown color. Which make it look like the wood of a tree.
  5. That’s it, your bird feeder is ready.

These are the 3 Waste material craft ideas to make proper use of your house waste. You can also comment which of these crafts you like gives your opinion also on that craft and don’t forget to check 7 best out of waste ideas list with proper step by step guide.