How to Make Old Tyre Flower Pot from Waste Tyres

Old Tyre Flower Pot | Best Out of Waste

Make Flower Pot From Old Tyres

Today we teach you to make old tyre flower pot by using your old tyres of any vehicle. You can use old car, bike or other vehicle tyre into a beautiful flower pot for your garage area of home. Make corner of your garage, cut them and paint them and make very creative planters to hang down your balcony. These are the step by step method to make flower pot from old tyres :-

Old Tyre Flower Pot | Best Out of Waste

5 Steps to Make Old Tyre Flower Pot

  1. Take tyre and cut it into half. If you not able to cut, ask for some adults help.
  2. Color the tyre in your favorite colors or according to the location you want to put in.
  3. Fill the empty area of tyre with the soil.
  4. Plant some plants in it.
  5. Thats it! your flower pot is ready with use of waste tyres.

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Give your opinion about this amazing craft of old tyre flower pot made by using waste tyres, learn to make other home decoration crafts  from waste materials.