On Page SEO Factors & Techniques to Improve Search Ranking

On Page Search Engine Optimization Factors & Techniques

On Page SEO

Want to write seo optimized post to get more search traffic ? Read these on page search engine optimization factors & techniques.

There are many small things from our post content which affect search engine optimization profoundly. Most of them are not known by many bloggers specially beginners.

So what’s the target of this post: This post will help you to understand on page optimization while writing post. Factors or things on which you have to focus on. Have a look at these factors which affect post rank based on post content and meta tags.

On page Search Engine Optimization Factors

  1. Post Title
  2. Heading Tags
  3. Keyword Density
  4. Post Permalink Structure
  5. Meta Tags
  6. Addition of Images
  7. Article length
  8. Content Interlinking
  9. Outbound links
  10. Keyword position in the article

On Page Search Engine Optimization Factors & Techniques

10 Onpage Optimization Techniques for Better ranking

  1. Use Keyword in Post Title but not in post heading. Prefer alternative words instead of keyword like synonyms.
  2. Bold or italic your targeted keyword to let know search engine which keyword your post should rank for.
  3. Keep keyword density upto 1.5 % not more than this in any case with the mix of LSI keywords.
  4. Use Keyword in Alt tag of images.
  5. Generally, from my experience put keyword only two times in first paragraph and at the last ending. You should also use your keyword in the subheading if you want.
  6. Interlink your post with the old good ranked related posts which provide more information for the viewers.
  7. Put outbound link to other good ranked sites to provide more related information for the readers.
  8. Last post update date is also affecting the page rank. So, keep your post up to date frequently.
  9. Provide sufficient tags related to your blog post. Tag should be common in many posts.
  10. Include genuine, sufficient meta title & meta description should be appealing.

These are the On page Search engine optimization tips to improve your post writing skills & don’t forget to check off page seo techniques. If you have any query feel free to comment below in the comment zone, we are here to guide you.