Honey Chilli Potato Recipe | At Home

Want a tounge twisting recipe at home? Honey chilli potato is perfect Sunday brunch for You. Crispy potato fingers glazed with a honey chilli sauce. A crispy snack with a lot of nutritional value a delicious recipe with cooking method and ingredients.

CH04-3_ChilliPotato,Honey Chilli Potato Recipe|At Home

6 steps to Make Honey Chilli Potato

1. In a bowl add cornflour or maida, salt, garlic paste and red chilli powder.

2. Peeled and sliced fingers 2 potatoes and mix well.

3. Heat sufficient oil and deep fry potato fingers till golden.

4. For sauce heat oil and add garlic paste, spring onion bulbs, chilli flakes.

5. Add honey, salt, soya sauce, vinegar, chilli sauce. Stir and cook till well blended.

6. Combine the fried potato fingers and  sauce and mix well and Serve hot.

Enjoy it with your family and friends. Make them surprise with this awesome dish.