Creative Uses Of Waste Plastic Bottles | Recycle Bottles

5 Best Uses Of Waste Plastic Bottles

All of us have dozen of empty plastic bottles in our house. Many people throw plastic bottles everywhere, from outside . Are you one of those types who don’t like to throw bottle after using it? It is a very common waste Material.  We can recycle it in a smarter way and make many useful things. Here I Am telling 5 innovative  and creative uses of waste plastic bottles.

Top 5 Plastic Bottle Craft

1 Small Plastic Bag

Creative Uses Of Waste Plastic Bottles | Recycle Waste Bottles

Bird Feeder5 Best uses of Waste Plastic Bottles

3 Small Igloo

Top 5 plastic Bottle Craft

4 Pots

How to use waste plastic bottles

5 Skeleton

Plastic bottle craft

Do you have more ideas for recycling old plastic bottles?

Share your ideas with us by telling them how to use old, waste plastic bottles and turn them into useful objects.

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