Special Collection of Himanshi’s Statuses | Cute Facebook Status

Relations cannot be Understood by Language of
Some Investments Never Gives Profit.
But They Make Us Rich … !!
Aur isiliye kehte hai …
Koi Toote To Use Sajana Seekho …
Koi Roothe To Use Manana
Seekho …
Rishte To Milte Hain Mukaddar Se …
Unhe Khoobsurti Se Nibhana Sikho…

Special Collection of Himanshi's Statuses | Cute Facebook Status

Truth no 1 : nobody is real in this world except
Truth no. 2 : a poor person has no friends.
Truth no. 3 : people do not like good thoughts
they like good looks.
Truth no 4 : people respect the money not the
Truth no 5 : the person you love the most, will
hurt you the most !!..

Soft Attitude Always Creates Strong Relations,
So keep Softness in Your Attitude & Make Strong


Dictionary says that ‘Open’ & ‘Close’ are


life teaches that, we ‘Open’ only with those, with
whom we are ‘Close’ !!


One half of our heart always knows ….that some wishes would never come true,

Still the second half waits for magic…and miracles to happen…. Its hope.

Relationship with a nice person is like SUGARCANE,,,
you break it,,crush it,,squeeze it,,
even beat or grind it…
Still you will get only sweetness…


Sapne Wo Nahi Hote, Jo Sone Par
Aate Hai….!!
Balki Sapne Wo Hote Hain, Jo Sone
Nahi Dete….!!
…………Isi Tarah……..
Apne Wo Nahi Hote, Jo Rone Par
Aate Hai….!!
Balki Apne Wo Hote Hain, Jo Rone
Nahi Dete……….!!!!


Leave “something” for “someone”
never leave “someone” for something”
in life “something” will leave u but
“someone” will always b with u…


Life is so stupid. An ordinary person makes you
smile and a very special person makes you cry.
Still, we care for the special one.

ZINDGI ek raat hai,
Jisme na jane kitne khwaab hai,
Jo mil gya wo APNA hai,
Jo tut gya wo SAPNA hai..!!

In life when you get troubles, don”t get nervous…
Just close your eyes and follow ur heart…
b”coz heart may be in left….
but it is always right ツ ♡

A gооd нёaґт aйd a gооd йaтцґє aґё тшо
cомplєтlу dїffёґёйт ї$$цє$.A gооd нёaят caй
шїll мaйу ґёlaтїои$нїp$.Bцт a gооd йaтцяє caи
щїй мaиу gооd нєaят$

Mujhe Rona Nhi Aata, Mujhe Khona Nhi Aata.
ke Tumhare Bina Jeena Mushkil Hai.
Jo Dard Tum Dena Chahte Ho Mujhe Sehna Nhi
Tum To Reh Lo Ge Saath Kisi Aur Ke
Magar Main Kya Krun Ke Mujhe RASTA Badalna
B Nhi Aata.
TumTo Waaqif Ho Andaz.E.GuftuguK.
Mujhe To Baat Krne Ka Salika B Nhi Aata.
TumTo Jeet Jate Ho Larr Jhagar Kar B.
Dekho Mujhe To Larna B Nhi Aata.
Tum To Khush Reh Lo Ge Mere Bina.
Dekho Tumhare Bina To Mujhe Jeena B Nhi


Distances” Are Not A Matter, When The Memories
Are Sweet . Special People Are Never Forgotten ,
B’coz They Remain In “Heart Beats”


Agar Kisi Ko Kuch Dena Chahte Ho To
Apna Waqt or Apni Yaade Do
Kyu Ki Wo Aapki Har Chij Wapis Lauta
Sakte Hai
Magar Aapka Diya Hua Waqt Or Yaade Nahi…. <3

Special thanks to Miss Himanshi Madaan for this awesome collection of quotes, shayries and facebook statuses.

Jbse Ek Ajnabi Ko Apne Dil me Basaya hai,
Tabse Meri Jindgi Ka Har Rang Nikhar Aaya hai,
Har Lamha Har Jagah bas usi ka hota h Deedar,
Ab to Kudrat Ka har Jalwa haseen Nazar aaya hai..! <3