Secure Your WordPress Blog With These Advanced Tips 

WordPress security can be a challenging task for people who are just getting started with WordPress. Chances are that you know a few of the basics in relates to WordPress security, but you probably don’t know some of the more advanced steps to keeping your WordPress site safe. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can keep your website secure because security matters when working with WordPress.

Pick the most reliable WordPress hosting that you can afford

You can have all the latest security features on your website, but if your hosting provider is not secure, chances are that your efforts will count for nothing. In fact, more than 40 percent of all WordPress hacks are because of a security vulnerability on the host itself. When half of the issues are because of hosting, you know that this is something that you have to take seriously.

You can use managed wordpress hosting to get robust security. For that, you can use Siteground. although it’s expensive but you get higher security. Its pricing starts at $6.75 but you can buy siteground at a nominal price when siteground black friday deals live. It’s the most trusted wordpress hosting brand which is known for its robust security and better customer support.

Use .Htaccess to protect your most appropriate files

Anyone who has looked into WordPress security knows the .htaccess file. You are able to affect the entire security of your site with this one tiny file. The reason that this file is so important is because it is at the heart of your WordPress site; the file directly affects how your website handles security and how your WordPress website structures permalinks. You are able to change a number of options with this file, but it is good to leave this to the professionals.

Secure the login page

Hiding certain elements of your site will not prevent a hacker from accessing them, but it will make it easier for them to get to these areas. If you want to make a hacker’s job more difficult, rename or relocate your login page. Because brute force attacks are standardized and automated, this will make it far more difficult for a hacker to detect your website.

Eliminate PHP error reporting

Increasing the security of your WordPress is not about making drastic changes, but rather about removing weak points and closing possible loopholes. If you have a theme or a plugin that does not work as it should, it can create an error message. 

It is a good thing to have this error message available if you are troubleshooting your website. Though, what if you have someone else look at these logs? Someone who wants to harm your website? Who wants to use those vulnerabilities against you? With this log, you are presenting every possible weak spot for a hacker. Even though the error reporting is great to have and really convenient, it is still a good idea to disable it.

Don’t use Nulled or GPL themes & plugins

Even though we know what it is like to run a business with little capital, this is just a bad overall idea. Not because of karma or other reasons, but because you do not know what might have happened with that illegal theme since it has come your way. 

Even chances are somebody can inject malicious script into the plugin and themes, although you could buy GPL theme at a low price but don’t take the risk, always purchase from developers. 

The most prominent SEO friendly WordPress themes are generatepress, astra, and ocean wp. so, saving a quick buck is certainly not worth it if you have countless issues later on. Praise the developer’s work by purchasing original stuff.