Save Webpage as PDF or MHT file

How to Save Webpage as PDF – Windows Tricks

2 Ways to learn How to Save Webpage as PDF

 Its important to save our online form or online payment bill in hard copy or soft copy (save webpage as pdf). Most of the people prefer to print their such important documents. But what if you don’t have printer or printer doesn’t work when needed. Don’t worry just save your such important pages as PDF instead of print. It also save your printing cost. If you need hard copy in future you can print the pdf whenever you needed.

It is very simple methods to describe below in which you can save webpage whichever browser you are using Firefox, Google Chrome etc.

1. Use print command to save webpage as PDF

In this method you have to just give the print command ctrl+P  on webpage, which you have to save as PDF. It opens windows like below picture.

Save Webpage as PDF, Windows Tricks

Select OneNote and press ok. Then your document is open in Microsoft OneNote. Now just save your file as PDF by going File> Save as > Notebook > select .pdf format as file type and click on save as.

Save Webpage as PDF or MHT file

Select location for your file and your file is saved as pdf. You can also save your webpage in .mht format by the same method just change the file type you select in the last step. MHT file is more similar to look like webpage. Its the webpage without internet.

2. Insert “Save webpage as PDF” button

You can also insert a button on top of your browser by just installing a simple add-on by clicking on which you can save your webpage. Download this add-on by Web2Pdf from here. Just select your browser in which you have to install this add-on. Its the simplest way just click on save webpage as pdf button and your page is saved as pdf.

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