Protect Pen Drive with Password

How to Protect Pen Drive with Password – Windows Tricks

In today’s life it is essential to learn how to Protect Pen Drive with Password to protect your documents in pen drive. USB Pen drives or USB Flash drives are the commonly used gadget to transport data from one machine to another. These USB drives are small, portable, light weight and easy to use with usb port on any type of machine. These features make them perfect gadget to transport data. But at the same time due to its portability and small size it also lost easily. So it is necessary to learn How to protect pen drive with password and secure data to go in the wrong hands. There are many ways to protect usb drive with password some are mentioned below:

3 Ways to learn how to Protect Pen Drive with Password

1. Use standard software to protect files

Many leading USB pen drive manufacturers like SanDisk provide software with pen drive to protect your important data with password. It is a portable app that run directly from your pen drive. If you have a sandisk pen drive you can use sandisk secure access to create a private vault like your private locker in your usb drive. It is just a partition of your pen drive.

These are the steps to set up sandisk secure access:

(i). Double click on Sandisk secure access v2 setup if you don’t have you can download it from their official website. Files were installed in your pen drive. Never remove them to keep secure.

(ii). Set up password for your vault. Remember password for future use.

Protect Pen Drive with Password

(iii). You are ready to use your private vault. Just again double click on that file login with your password. Just drag your files in that folder and they are secure.

2. Manually Save file with Password

It is a basic method to protect your file anywhere. Many file format allow user to protect specific file with password. So Just setup password for that file and put it anywhere from your USB Drive. Just like Ms word go to File> Info> Protect Document> Encrypt file then set up password.

3. Lock Your USB Drive with USB Safegaurd

Protect Pen Drive with Password, tips and tricks

Like sandisk secure access it also install on your pen drive and run directly from it. But it is different in many ways it lock your entire pen drive with password. You can download USB Safeguard from Cnet. This is the software you are searching for Software to Protect Pen Drive with Password.

If you still have any quarry about how to protect pen drive with password feel free to comment below. We are here to resolve it.