Polytechnic Counselling Tips - Points to Keep in Mind

Polytechnic Counselling Tips – How to Select Colleges and Disciplines

Points To Keep In Mind While Polytechnic Counselling

Nowadays, most of the students filled polytechnic entrance exam form after their 10th examination, but few of them know the exact good method of selecting colleges. Today we give you some polytechnic counselling tips which help you in making colleges and discipline list for polytechnic counselling. Have a look at these counselling tips for polytechnic admission:

Polytechnic Counselling Tips - How to Select Colleges and Disciplines

Polytechnic Counselling Tips

You should keep these points in mind while counselling for polytechnic admission. Implement these tips according to your rank in the polytechnic exam. Most of the tips implemented on every state polytechnic admission whether it’s Delhi polytechnic, Haryana polytechnic or Telangana polytechnic.

  1. First thing is to do is select your preference, whether you prefer a specific college or a specific stream (Discipline). What it does is, it clears your mind and your destination. Like if you I want to get admission in civil engineering discipline no matter which college or any of the top 3 colleges. So, I choose first three options as civil engineering discipline with different colleges.
  2. The second thing is broad your options not just stuck at one option (didn’t give importance to other option). Frankly speaking, that’s the biggest mistake if you do so, you should give importance to every entry you filled in counselling.  So, choose wisely all choices filled in counselling.
  3. If you prefer a college in your list, don’t just fill all the disciplines in it just fill the stream which you likes or stream in which you have interested.
  4. If you prefer any discipline e.g. mechanical engineering, don’t fill all colleges which have mechanical engineering look at the records of the college. Just fill better colleges first which have good study resources and better placement records. Then in the last fill the remaining colleges with remaining streams.

These are the points which you should remember while polytechnic counselling. Hope these tips help you to clear your mind. It totally depends on your rank which preferred choice you get. So, prepare well for the polytechnic entrance exam 2016 and give your best to get the best results. Best of Luck!

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