Online Children Camp From Google

Online Camp for Students – Science and Adventure Camp

Camp Google is free camp provided by Google to children for study purpose. They can learn a lot from these online camp. Google Camp is full of fun science activities and adventures led by experts. Kids can feel the reality of different areas and learn how it happens or come from.


Online Children Camp From Google

Online Children Camp Details

Ocean Week

Dive to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and explore its wonders with National Geographic. Yes! you can feel the experience of diving in the sea and hows the life in the sea world.

Space Week

Blast off to NASA’s Food Lab and help create space food for astronauts. Students can feel the experience of space shuttles.

Nature Week

Explore a volcano with a National Park Ranger and discover how it was formed. Kids need to explore the wild life to learn more about animals and their activities. Nature to the animals and much more.

By the above activities in Online Children Camp or Camp Google from Google helps students to learn more about the world science and adventure activities easily with videos and lot more. Its like the virtual camp in less time for kids which helps ultimately in studies.


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