How to Make Old Photo Frame Tray | Best Out of Waste Craft

Old Photo Frame Tray | Best Out of Waste

Make Tray From Old Photo Frame (Waste Product)

Today we teach you a great idea to use old photo frame as a tray which looks different. At the same time prevent your expences & waste unuse photo frame from thowing in the dustbin. Here we provide step by step method to make Old photo frame tray :-

Old Photo Frame Tray | Best Out of Waste

6 Steps to Make Old Photo Frame Tray

  1. Take the frame & paint it to make it look fresh and new.
  2. Pick up a pair of lovely, intricately carved cast iron handles and attach them to the edges with shallow screws.
  3. And in that picture insert, use a fabric which you would like to use as the base of your tray.
  4. Just stick it on to the cardboard using some glue/ good adhesive.
  5. Finally, add a glass. That will prevent the fabric below from getting soiled and also make the tray much sturdier.
  6. Your tray is ready to use.

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Give your opinion about this amazing craft of old photo frame tray made by using waste photo frame or other home decoration crafts & waste materials.