5 Easy Steps to Make Disco Ball With Old CD - Waste Material Craft

How to Make Disco Ball With Old CD

Are you looking at your old CDs and wondering what to do with them which are now out of use? Do not throw them in the dustbin, instead you can give a shot by making them a useful stuff. In this post we will explain how to make disco ball with old CD and waste material.

Here, we come with a solution for you, now you can creatively turn the old CDs which are unreadable and scratched into a disco ball which is perfect for a dance party. You can use old and cracked CDs for that. It will be a fun for you. This is very fast and easy way to make your home a perfect place for a little party. Let’s try it out!

How to Make Disco Ball With Old CD


The material needed to make Disco Ball

  • A Styrofoam ball
  • CDs
  • Craft scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • String or hook
  • Colored permanent markers

5 Easy Steps of Making Disco Ball With Waste CD –

  1. Make the small square pieces of CDs by cutting them
  2. Take the Styrofoam ball and tie the string around it or a hook is needed to be installed on the ball
  3. Start from the center of Styrofoam ball and glued the CDs square pieces. Cove the ball with the square pieces and give a perfect finish. It will take some time to get those squares glued on.
  4. To give it a multi-colored effect, paint the ball with the permanent markers
  5. Now, hang the ready disco ball and get ready for your moves. Enjoy this disco ball for your own little party


All these steps are followed to give an effect of disco club to your home. This is very simple and easy process and it works. It will take no time. It can spin for your own little party. Collect some CDs and have fun!