Life hacks to organize your shelf

Sometimes to organize the shelf results out in a mess, it is tricky to manage your wardrobe and make it look clean. Here, we provided you some handy tips to installing the custom closet and treating the wardrobe right.

 Fold Your Sweaters and Tees

Do not hang the sweaters, they must be folded and keep them away from moths. Also, fold the casual tee shirts which won’t wrinkle, but will be accessible. You can use cedar to maintain the quality of the sweaters. Cedar wall will make your life easy and will make your stack look cleaner.


Fold your Jeans On A Shelf

Storing the folded jeans on a shelf makes the process of choosing a pair easier. Each wash is clearly visible on the shelf which will make you pull out your favorite one without creating a mess while looking for jeans. So, we are suggesting you to organize your shelf by folding your washed jeans.


Hang Dress Pants and Dresses

Dresses and Pants are not meant to be folded, they should be hung. Press them along with a crease and use pant racks or hanger to hang them in the closet. Long-hanging section is needed for long dresses, so while working with a designer, keep in mind the quantity in your current closet.


Hang Scarves and Belts

In non-custom closets, no place is provided for scarves and women end up folding it which results in a mess. Belt rack or pullout scarf can be a better option which will make your closet more spacious. A touch of plain view is reflected by the rack which will keep the new and clean closet in peak form and you will love your organized shelf.