How to Keep Computer Secure | Best Computer Security Tips

5 Tips to Keep Computer Secure | Tips and Tricks

Computer Security Tips

It is essential to keep computer secure and safe from everywhere not just virus. Safety and security are the things which you are doing from years. Generally people just install antivirus and think they are secure and protected. Is they? No! Antivirus never protect everything they just scan virus on your computer. You need to do more in computer security. Nowadays it becomes more important to protect against phishing spam. Read the following tips and tricks to secure your personal computer data.

5 Tips to Keep Computer Secure | Tips and Tricks | Computer security tips

5 Tips to Keep Computer Secure and Safe

1. Check Your Firewall

It’s looking complicated but it doesn’t. If you are a windows user just go to your control panel and search for windows firewall. If firewall is active or on then you no need to worry you are secure from there. If you are a Mac user go to “system preferences,” then “security,” then “firewall.” Disable file and media sharing if you don’t need to share your data with other machine now or in future disable it completely.

2. Install total security instead of antivirus

Total security is the combination of antivirus, anti spyware, pc cleaner etc. I personally recommend to  use Quick Heal total security. If you don’t want to buy this software use its 30 day trial version. It keeps you protected from viruses, spy and also provide secure browsing and safe banking.

3. Backup your Data and Drivers

It is necessary to backup your important data and drivers. Drivers are necessary to run a computer perfectly. So, backup your all drivers to install in emergency or in sudden damage to your computer. There are may software available on the internet to backup your drivers. If have less knowledge about you need to read lifehacker article to gain some special knowledge.

4. Keep your Software up to date

It is necessary to keep your total security antivirus, windows defender, firewall updated because there is thousands of new viruses and spyware generated everyday. So keep your software up to date and keep computer secure.

5. Precaution is better then Remedies

So, avoid opening spamming sites, avoid deals that are too good to be true, avoid opening unknown emails with unique email addresses. Because they may contains spywares, Trojan and viruses which may damage your computer.

These are the 5 best computer security tips, just implement it and insure your happiness. Share your opinions about security of computer and if facing any kind of problem in completing any of the above task feel free to comment below.