IPL Fantasy League Rules and Prizes

IPL Fantasy League Rules and Prizes

It is that time of the year when the T20 carnival IPL runs wild on almost every Indian cricket fan. Many watch the IPL on their television sets, while some watch it live at the stadium. With almost every individual being an expert, we all come up with different strategies and expert remarks. How would it be if we all can have our very own cricket team and experience what it feels like to be the owner of an IPL franchise? Yeah this is possible now ! By just participating in IPL fantasy league.

The IPL fantasy league provides all of us with one such opportunity. Offering exciting rewards, the league is already a big hit. The rules are equally exciting as the rewards and make for one hell of a competition. However, there are certain aspects of the game left untouched by the rules, which could add that extra bit of spice and element of surprise that the T20 format brings with it.

IPL Fantasy League Rules and Prizes


  • 4 or 5
  • At least 1
  • Exactly 1 (you can pick variable role wicket keepers as batsmen)
  • At least 2


  • You can pick a maximum of 4 overseas players in your squad.


  • Your squad must have at least 1 uncapped player. An uncapped player is an Indian cricketer who has not played in any ODIs, Tests or T20 Internationals.


  • You can pick a maximum of 6 players from a single IPL Team.

Currently, there are three types of competition within the league Daily league, Fantasy Championship and All Stars. The daily league calculates the point earned for the daily purpose and winner is chosen on the daily purpose. The fantasy championship winner is decided on the basis of the total points earned in the whole tournament. All stars winners are decided on the basis of a definite period of time like morning show winner (match 1 -14), afternoon show winner (match 15 -28), evening show winner (match 29 -42) and night show winner (match 43 – 56). There is also an overall winner who gets special cricket bat signed by the players of the winning team.

 IPL Fantasy League Rules and Prizes

The prizes won in the game are all related to IPL merchandise and goodies. There is no cash prizes, but there is one cool thing that makes the game unique. If you win the IPL fantasy league, you will surely get interviews from the newspaper and this is one of the gateways to earn fame and also enjoy being the owner of your own IPL team in virtual world.

After you choose your team, you can choose the power player, who earns more points for you. There are also penalties for duck scores and extra points of the man of the match. There are lots of ways you can play this game, understanding the different aspects of it.

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IPL Fantasy League Rules & Scoring

Batting Points

a. Base Points: 1 point per run.
b. Strike Rate Points: Points equal to the number of runs scored minus number of balls faced. In case the number of balls faced exceeds the number of runs scored, such number of points shall be deducted as is equal to the difference.
c. Milestone Bonus: 10 points for scoring 25 runs; 10 more points for reaching 50 runs, and 10 more points thereafter for each additional score of 25 runs.
d. Impact Points: 2 points for every six; -5 (5 point deduction) for getting out for a duck.

Bowling Points

a. Base Points: 20 points per wicket taken.
b. Economy Rate Points: If the result of the following equation is positive, the points will be the figure arrived at multiplied by 2: (Balls Bowled x 1.5) – Runs Conceded.
c. Milestone Points: 10 points for taking 2 wickets, 10 more points for a 3rd wicket and 10 more points for every wicket thereafter.
d. Impact Points: 1 point per dot ball bowled. 20 points for each maiden over bowled.

Fielding Points

a. 10 points for each catch resulting in a fall of wicket.
b. 15 points for each stumping resulting in a fall of wicket.
c. 10 points for a run-out (to each player involved in the run out).
d. 15 points for a run-out due to a direct hit.

Bonus Points

a. 25 points for being declared the official player of the match;
b. 5 points to each player in the winning IPL franchisee in case of a victory, in all matches other than in the Eliminator, Qualifier or Final of the IPL;
c. All points attributed to a virtual player, and thereby added to the accumulated points tally of a virtual squad, shall be doubled in case and while such player is declared by the user of that virtual squad as the ‘Power Player’ of such squad.

Note : All the points get doubled for your power player.

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IPL fantasy league is one of the most enthralling online stimulating game that I have come across. With tons of possible team combinations and a way to engage indirectly in the tournament, the IPL fantasy league is here to stay. The game is complicated and has a infinite amount of team combinations possible. The best strategy is to create a team that will play matches for the next week or so. Also, regular usage of subs is important. Do you love IPL fantasy league? Comment below and let us know.