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Importance of Sociology

Question : What are the importance of sociology ?

Importance of Sociology

Importance of Sociology

  1. Understand and Analysis of Social Problem : The study of sociology will help to investigate, analyze and understand the social problems. Thus, one can plan and work according to the needs of the modern society.
  2. Planning and Proper Distribution : Natural resources are limited while the needs of a society are unlimited. The government can plan the future programmes in accordance with the needs of the people with limited available resources. Sociology also helps the proper distribution of the available resources.
  3. Problem Solution : Study of sociology helps us to find out the reasons for such problems so that the identified problems can amicable be solved.
  4. Economic and Political Reconstruction : Sociology helps us to understand the necessities for economic and political reconstruction.
  5. Customs and Traditions : Sociology helps us to understand the similarities of our customs, traditions, culture, etc with other societies.
  6. Understand Social Institution : The study of sociology helps us to understand the existing social institutions like family, school, religion, etc.
  7. Sociology in Industry : It helps the engineers to understand the existing conditions, namely aptitude, character, religions and sentiments of the local people in a contemporary society.
  8. Sociology for Democracy : With the knowledge of sociology, the government the social activists and other can reach the grass root levels of the society for reconstruction so that social justice and economic equality can be imparted.

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