How To Write A Nice Wedding Invitation?

‘Wedding’ – this one word signifies all the virtues of love and togetherness. It symbolizes a day full of festivities and joy. Apart from the phone call announcements and wedding preparations, there’s this one thing that has been handed down through the years and is still the most relevant aspect of any wedding – the wedding invitation card. It is the first time the partners announce their wedding to the people, officially. It’s got to be special!

With changing times, wedding invitations have seen an evolution as well. Couples now choose not to waste any more paper and prefer an e-vite instead. These digital invitation cards allow an enhanced sense of creativity and also tend to leave a more impressionable impact on the guests. You’d also be surprised to find out how popular wedding invitation videos are!

You could find an online video maker without watermark, like InVideo, to create a top-notch invitation with a distinctive style and appeal. InVideo is just one of the many websites that allow you to create such dynamic and interesting videos. Biteable, Envato, Animoto, are some of the others you can use.

InVideo offers a set of interesting templates to choose from. You can pick the template that suits your sensibilities and wedding theme appropriately. These templates make it easy for anyone to create an interesting invitation card that can be sent to the entire guest list.

Let’s list down the elements on a good wedding invitation:

  • Begin from the Hosts

This section includes the names of those people who are inviting the guests to the wedding on behalf of the couple. It could be the parents or a sibling or just a relative. It has to be followed by the relationship line that explains how the hosts are connected to the couple. You’d also find a wedding invitation that has the couple as the hosts themselves.

  • The Hashtag

A new trend making the rounds is the #hashtag. It’s a combination of the couple’s names and is used to tag them on any image/ video posted on social media. Every couple has a hashtag today; make sure you put it down in the invitation!

  • The Request

This is usually a line where the hosts invite the guests to the wedding. In some interesting cards, you’d see a famous quote on togetherness or even a cool movie dialogue. A well-written line can add personality to the card.

  • Name of the couple

The one’s in the spotlight. This is where the couple’s names are written in order of the host’s relationships. There are many ways to write the names interestingly, and some cards prefer putting pictures from the couple’s childhood to spark a sense of nostalgia.

  • The Wedding Date

You may want to put some emphasis on this particular section, for it is this date that must not be forgotten! You can choose to place it at the top or bottom, but it must have its emphasis.

  • Time and Venue

This section is as important as the former one. Some invitation cards also choose to put in a landmark or Google map link to help the guests navigate to the location.

  • RSVP Details

Here you can add a phone number or an email ID for the guests to confirm their invitation. It helps the hosts keep track of the number of guests attending, and make arrangements for the same. 

What should I go for – Video or Card?

It is completely your choice to go for either a static invitation or a dynamic motion poster of sorts. A video invitation can help create a lasting impact, and it has its environmental benefits as well. However, traditionally we have all been handed over scented and decorated wedding invitations. Thus, it’s completely your call.

With an invitation maker like the one offered by InVideo, all you need is a good photo of the couple getting married and some good text. Video templates allow simple editing and can make you an eye-pleasing invitation in just about a few minutes.

It’s sensible to take into account the advantages of an invitation video. It’s a common affair in many households to lose invitation cards and then pester the busy hosts to remind them of the date and venue. However, a well-made video invitation can be sent over by text or on social media and continues to live there for perpetuity. It also allows the video to lie there on a chat box, making it easier to send a broadcast reminder.

Millennial marriages have adopted invitation videos as the normal. You can now find many couples making interesting movie trailer-like videos for themselves. Wedding videography is an industry in itself, and the invitation card has seen innovation from level to level. 


The wedding day is one special occasion for the couple. You want to be able to make it as perfect as possible. But, remember, it all starts with that first wedding invitation. You must make the best impression and introduce your love with grandeur and grace. The perfect invitation video does just that. It gives your guests something to look forward to with anticipation and happiness. 

Let the wedding preparations begin with the perfect start!