3 Easy Steps to Make Handmade Birthday Banner

How To Make A Birthday Banner | Easy Birthday Dacor

Beautiful Handmade Birthday Banner For Princess Theme

No Birthday Party Complete without a birthday banner. It Is very Important part of Birthday decoration for your loving ones. Today I am Sharing A Birthday banner for Your Princess Daughter which you can make in easy steps. Banners can be hung on the front of dessert tables, over a door, above the dessert table, in an entryway, over stairs, etc. Just make sure it’s placed somewhere that everyone can see it and enjoy!

How To Make A Birthday Banner | Easy Birthday Dacor

Material Required For Handmade Banner

  1. Pastal Sheet
  2. Gliter Sheet
  3. Favicol
  4. Scale
  5. Decorative Thread
  6. Scissors

Pastel SheetGliter Sheet

Step By Step Banner Making

  1. Cut the Pastel Shete into Tringular leaves.
  2. Cut Alphabets from Glitter Sheet.
  3. Paste Alphabets Of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ” to triangular leaves.
  4. Attach all of them with a decorative thread.
  5. You Can also crate some Other Decorative things like me.

Triangular Cutting design of birthday  banner alphabets of glitter sheet

You could also use markers, stickers, pom balls, foam stickers, or any other craft material that you have on hand that matches your party theme.I hope this tutoril will help you a lot to make your own handmade birthday banner.If you also have any crative idea of making bithday banner share it with us in the comment zone.