How OgyMogy Helps In Strengthening Relationship With Teenagers

Teenage is the real rebellious span of one’s life. Teenagers like to rebel against the surroundings,  parents, teachers, friends, to oneself and personal emotions. It is like an open secret and well parents try to get control of this change and some times that fire’s back. Too much questioning and queries can become a reason for the complete shutting down of teen sharing mechanisms. They will try to hide everything and consider not sharing good practice as compared to telling the parents about certain experiences and then getting scolded or grounded.  But we can change this repeating cycle.  We are here to present you with a solution that will not only repair your damaged relationship with your child but can also help in strengthing it. By applying that solution you will not need to worry about their well being or safety and know about their whereabouts.No furious questioning or yelling at your child just get a monitoring app and let it done all the hard work for you. A monitoring app can do whatever you need to do for example check your teen’s location, what’s on their watchlist, who is that white hair class fellow commenting on every post etc.

OgyMogy spy app does all the monitoring and caring of your loved ones on behalf of you, and let you know about their daily routine and lifestyle.

No Need to ask Where were you As OgyMogy Have The Answers:

The location tracking feature lets the user know about the exact location of the target person in real-time. Thus you can check where is the birthday party and can keep an eye on their movements. A step further you don’t want your kid to visit any alley or place you can put it in NO GO area.OgyMogy let the user mark zones on google map. You can mark a safe zone and a restricted zone. Thus any movements within or outside the zone area will be reported to you immediately.

Keep The Netflix Watchlist Under Surveillance:

You can monitor the screen activities of your teen with screen recorder app. Check their screen activities by watching the screen live at any given time or by keeping an eye on the short recorded videos and screenshot of screens, captured by OgyMogy. You can visit what kind of games they play, movies or seasons they watch etc.

No Dating Apps :

App stores have all kinds of apps available and anybody can install them by following easy and simple steps. You can check what kind of apps your child is in to by having the list of all the installed apps of your teen’s smartphones. You can keep an eye on the interests of your child and their phone activities by keeping track of installed apps.

Get To know Their Twitter handle:

Using too much social media is today’s trend and almost every teen is into it. They need to share everything on Instagram or snapchat. In these scenarios, parents become worried about their kid’s online safety and well being. You can get to know about their social media accounts and activities without sending them a follow request and getting blocked. Spy apps like Twitter spy app, Instagram spy app, FaceBook spy app, Skype spy app, Whatsapp spy app, and many more let the user know about the account activity, chatbox details, and call history, etc. Thus know your kid better by knowing about their online interest and likes.

Know Their Company:

OgyMogy offers a listening surround feature that allows the user to listen to the surrounding of the target person through their phones mic. Thus listen to their company and discussions with spy app.

You can select a package offered by The OgyMogy app that fulfills your demands and needs and install it in your teen phone or laptop by following easy steps. You can try the mac or window version for the laptop or tablet surveillance and can use an android spy app version for smartphone monitoring. An important thing to mention here is that you need physical access to the device to install The spy app. But it is a one time process and after installation no need of that, because you will have remotes access to the device and can handle various functions remotely with ease.