Google Search Codes | Tips and Tricks

Google is part of our internet life. Everyone is using google search engine to search many things but most of them knows the exact way to search on google. Here is a list of Google Search Codes (short codes) which you can use in your search for better search results.

Google Search Codes | Tips and Tricks

5 Advanced Google Search Tips to Search Google Like an Expert

1. Search in Limited Content

If you want your query to search in specific place like title or url. You can search by adding following codes before your search query.

allinanchor: To Search query term in anchor Text only.

allintext:   To Search query term in Text of a page.

allintitle:  To Search query term in Title only.

allinurl:    To Search query term in url only.

2. Search Files Directly

filetype:  If you want to search specific file type like pdf you have to type PDF: before your query. Google will restrict the search results to page which contains pdf files with your query name. You can search any type of document like txt, doc, etc.

3. Search for Specific Site

If you want to display all pages of a website. You need to place site name after site: Google will restrict your search results to the site or domain you specify.

4. Search in Movie Details

Movie: If you include movie: in your query, Google will find movie-related information.

5. Search pages which link to specific page

Link: If you want to search pages which link to a specific page or official page, you can search like this. e.g. “Link:url of the page”.

These are useful tricks for better search results and save time in searching useful links or files. 🙂 If you have any query in using Google Search Codes tricks mention it below in the comment zone.