Technology Empowerment – Revolution of Technology in today’s Era

Technology Empowerment

Rise of technology empowers humans with never before opportunities in acquiring knowledge and being updated in this fast-moving world. All the information at your fingertips is a concept developed for a greater cause. We are so lucky to live in this period of technological advancements. We are alerted instantaneously be it the NEET notification for candidates to your grandad’s birthday. Even when there is a wide scope of uses with technologies available to the public, we still limit our uses to social media.

A step closer to technology that is what engineering is. It is a field which deals with the study, development and fabrication of an existing or a new technology. There are many Universities in India which provides students with engineering degrees and diplomas in branches like Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, IT, Electrical etc. Some of the most best Engineering colleges in India are, IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani, SRM, Manipal Jaipur and the list goes on. Choosing a branch in engineering is one of the major dilemma in a student’s life. Same goes for the legacy of the Royal Mech while others opt their field of Interest. What is to be noted is that all the branches are interconnected. The advanced cars we have in our market is a culmination of complex mechanical, electrical, electronic and robotic system, all are Independent and can’t function without the other.

One of the most breath-taking technological event was recently witnessed by the world. The humanoid Robot Sophia. It is the first robot to get citizenship of a country, Saudi Arabia. Developed by Hanson Technologies a Hong Kong-based company, it shows how fast we are moving towards autonomous systems. Sophia was activated on April 2015 inspired and modelled after the British actress Audrey Hepburn. Sophia Incorporates AI, Facial Recognition and VD Processing. The manufacturer David Hanson has created a marvellous piece of engineering. Sophia can mimic human expression and gestures and uses voice recognition technology as well.

A robot that can make a joke, what a weird world do we live in, yet it never fails to amuse us. We can be pretty sure that all AI Robots are made to follow the basic laws of robotics, still, there is serious concerns put forward by renowned people like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Stephen Hawking have even warned us about the end of humanity by the hands of AI Species. Pretty Scary isn’t it? Even though we can’t completely agree upon his views there are some serious concerns among many regarding such a possibility.

Like how a human mind evolved, there is no way that we can say AI won’t evolve, of course, it will evolve if it’s Intelligent and as Darwin stated it will be survival of the fittest, our nature selects the fittest prodigy to roam around the earth, we can only hope that we humans still stands the fittest among the AI Species. Of course, we will they are Artificial after all! Jokes apart. There are lot to witness in the upcoming future. All we have to do is brace ourselves.

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