Trick to get more points in IPL Fantasy League, 10 tips to get more points in IPL Fantasy League

How to Get More Points in IPL Fantasy League

Getting more points does not depend on just luck factor. It depends on how smartly you created the team, strategies and buy your players. So we give you some tips to help you in deciding your squad.
Trick to get more points in IPL Fantasy League, 10 tips to get more points in IPL Fantasy League

10 Tips to get more Points in IPL Fantasy League

1. Include Maximum number of All rounders
All rounders gives more points by batting, bowling and catches. It will be more advantage if you select 4+ all rounders.
eg: Bravo , Maxwell , Corey Anderson, Suresh Raina etc.

2. Include Maximum top order Batsmen
Top order batsmen have always a great chance of making a big score and make use of powerplay with great strike rate.
eg: Dwayn Smith, Suresh Raina, B. Maccalum

3. Select a suitable Power player
Power player will gets double points that he earns actually . All rounders are best for selecting as power players. If you select a batsmen who bats in top order and who regularly bowls will give you more points.
eg: Jacques Kallis, Shane watson, Dj Bravo etc

4.When selecting uncapped players select Opening batsmen or medium pacers.
Recent trends show these uncapped players earn more points .
eg: Manish Pandey, Varun aaron

5. Select consistent players instead of big players who are inconsistent
After 2-3 matches you can find the consistent players in each team those who earn maximum points per match. Include them irrespective of being all rounders.

6. Select 5-6 players for each of two matches
When you play daily challenges & there is two matches in a day you must select 5 or 6 players for each match. Then you will be able  to get maximum points that day.

7. Make use of FREE uncapped sub player
You will get a free uncapped substitute player before every match. Between two game you can substitute a uncapped player and it doesn’t get counted. Select a best performing player for this by watching his recent records.
eg: Akshar patel, Sandeep sharma.

8. Make maximum substitutions in Two match days for Fantasy Championship
In two match days try to change squad and include as many key players from 4 teams of that day. Change power player for each match and also make use of 1 free sub

9. Keep a watch on Leader-board everyday.
Watch out the top point earners of each match select your further teams on that bases.  You can create your own tactics and strategies for your squad from their changes and team lineup.

10. Try to change team every day
It will help you to find ways of earning more points and you may get chances of winning if you are lucky. On selecting your squad you will choose the players that will surely be included in the Final XI. It can be found out by player’s performance stats and last winning team players. So, enjoy playing and get more Points in IPL Fantasy League.

Don’t be late register at IPL season 8 Fantasy League 2015 and play. Also read the rules of scoring before selecting team. Participate in daily challenge gives you more chance of winning prizes.


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