Creative Lamp From Plastic Bottle and Spoons

Plastic Spoon Lamp with Waste Material

An extremely gorgeous yet not expensive look for a light shade or lampshade can be achieved using nothing more than plastic spoons and a plastic water bottle.


Creative Lamp From Plastic Bottle and Spoons

Things that you need:-

  1. Plastic Bottle
  2. Plastic Spoons
  3. Fevistick or glue gun
  4. Cutter or sharp knife
  5. Bulb

5 Steps to Make a lamp with Waste Material

  1. Cut the bottom of bottle with sharp knife or cutter.
  2. Cut all the handles of spoons.
  3. Cover the bottle with spoons.
  4. Make a collar of the bottleneck with spoons.
  5. Install a light bulb into the bottle.


Your gorgeous lamp is ready for your home decor. You can easily made lamp shade with your choice of creative designs.


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