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5 Best Bookmark Idea’s from Waste Materials

As a literary creature, do you often find yourself at a loss for the perfect page-saver in your favorite book? Today, I’m sharing some wonderful best out of waste ideas.

1. Paper Clip Bookmarks


5 Creative Bookmarks, Paper Clip Bookmarks

All of you need to have some Paper Clips. It’s the simplest way of making bookmark. Took some colorful Paper clips and some old and waste fabrics. Cut the fabric and tie a knot around the Paper clip. You can tie the knot with the help of thread or glue. You can make your bookmark with buttons stick buttons with the help of glue and your Paper clip Bookmark is ready.


2. Feather Bookmark

5 Creative Bookmarks | Best Out of Waste, Feather Bookmark

Want a  feather bookmark for your book? Take  a feather of your choice in any color. You also can take a real feather. Cut a strip of paper and stick the feather on the top of strip. You can also use Popsicle stick or a ribbon instead of paper strip.


3. Corner Bookmark

Corner Bookmark, how to make bookmark


To make a Corner Bookmark take a Square piece of colorful paper. Fold it to make a triangle, fold it again. Now you have 2 open sides. close one side with glue. Now decorate it as your choice with buttons or paper.


4. Bookmark with messages


Bookmark with messages,  5 ways to make instant bookmark


Select a heavy card-stock like paper. You can choose old Birthday card or wedding card paper also. Cut the paper in rectangular shape. Draw a picture or write your favorite quote or song lyrics onto the front. You can also paste your favorite stickers and write your own message. Add a ribbon on the top of bookmark.


5. Fabric bookmark

Fabric bookmark, creative bookmark, stylish bookmark

Choose a fabric from old clothes, bedsheets etc. Cut the cloth in a rectangular shape. Cut a rectangular shape from old birthday card. Cover the paper or card with fabric and stick it with glue. You can also sew it. Decorate it with hand made flowers or ribbons.

That’s it your stylish bookmarks are ready. These are instant bookmarks which you can make instantly with your creativity.