How To Make Jewellery Box from Waste Material or Coconuts

Coconut Shell Jewellery Box | Best Out Of Waste

Jewellery Box From Coconut Shell

Want to make jewellery holder from waste material? Here we teach you how to make waste material jewellery box. Everyone loves eating coconut. This time I tried to make a coconut shell jewellery box. It’s really easy to make and looks nice.


Coconut Shell Jewellery Box | Best Out Of Waste



Things That You Need to Make Jewellery box from Coconut Shell

  1. Coconut shell
  2. Lock system
  3. Sand Paper
  4. Metallic color
  5. Kundans & stones
  6. Glitter tube
  7. Bottle cap

5 Steps to Make Coconut Shell Jewellery Box

  1. Smooth the Coconut Shell with Sand Paper.
  2. Attach the bottle cap to the bottom of a shell.
  3. Color it with your favorite color.
  4. Use Glitter, 3d out liner and stones to decorate it.
  5. Attach a lock system.

Coconut Shell Craft Making Video


These are the 5 steps to make beautiful craft of jewellery box. Hope you liked our technique to make coconut shell jewellery box. If you have facing any query comment below in the comment zone.