Blind White Contact Lenses

Imagine having pure white eyes! How does that feel? Be honest- No judgments! It does give you goosebumps, right? Well, that’s exactly what these blind white contact lenses are created for. They are super fun to wear, a fantastic choice to prank people and, of course, ward off the ghosts. Let your fun side out by wearing them and dressing up as a scary and creepy character.

Best Thing About Them

The blind white contact lenses are so famous for a reason. They have this power in them that can turn the entire color of your eyes white. They are full coverage lenses, which means your eyeball appears white as well. Isn’t it captivating, freaky and terrifying at the same time? Also, they can make your eyes look fuller, more splendid, and freaky. You have thousand of styles and options to choose from that can make your white eyes spookier and beguiling. Every one of them is such an enchanting one that it can give your eye a terrifying, sharp, edgy, and odd look. Be it of an anime character, a Hollywood character, or even that of a dead man. Buy them, wear them, and style up, you all! Once you slip into your costume and put on deadly makeup, step out and look deep into the eyes of someone you want to scare or play a prank of being blind on your friends and family. Scare them for a while or gain sympathy, but make sure not to prolong it- it can make people get emotional, or the tables can turn, and your parents might want to beat you up. Also, be careful while choosing the person whom you are going to play the prank. Aged people or weak-hearted people might not be able to absorb the news. Your ultimate goal should be to let out your creativity and enjoy!

Go All Freaky and Spooky!  

One simple fact is that all of us have a hidden artist inside us, and we never try to explore it. It does us no good but kills our creativity. Well, no more now! Take out that artist inside you and brainstorm the ideas. Imagine, draw, and paint the freakiest and weirdest white eye character that you can ever think of.

When playing around with blind white contact lenses, there are a heap of selective looks that you can think of; everything relies upon how imaginative you are. Have a go at working around various mixes of garments, cosmetics, haircuts, and extras, and you will have the option to make a versatile appearance, which can either be adorable and thrilling or frightening and creepy. The conceivable outcomes of styling up are perpetual, and as long as you are eager to think hard, you will have the option to concoct something that is out of the box.

When to Wear Blind White Contact Lenses

These blind white contact lenses are an incredible decision for a theme inspired event and, of course, Halloween. They are regularly intended for such occasions so one can wear them to terrify or trick somebody on eves of such celebration and satisfaction.

Why Wear Them?

Blind white contact lenses are sold like hot buns, especially when Halloween is around the corner. It gets super hard to keep them in stock because the demand for them is unmatchable.

 These lenses- their colour in particular just do the trick for making you resemble a fantasy. Halloween is the one occasion where everyone endeavors to look as spooky as they could so that they can scare off the ghosts before they try to scare them.

Changing yourself into an alarming film or TV program character while playing with tones, makeup, and creative mind is persistently seen as incredibly fun among all people. Youngsters love to wear them as it helps them to horrify and prank everybody, and it encourages them to change into their preferred white-eyed character.

How to Wear Blind White Contact Lenses

Just if this thought has ever popped up in your mind, we want to make it completely clear for you. There is no rocket science or a specific way to wear blind white contact lenses. Also, don’t be afraid of the word blind- It won’t take away your vision, so chill out! Wear them like some other contacts. Start with washing your hands and cleaning your lenses with the solution. After that, fix them on your eyeball either with the help of your finger or lens applicator. Rotate or blink your eye so that it can fit on the eyeball. And here you are finished, now see your new pure white eyes in the mirror.


Here is something you might want to be careful about. If putting in lenses makes your eyes teary, then first put on the lenses and then apply the makeup. Be careful not to put makeup on the lenses, though. Also, take out your contacts first and then remove the eyes. It is beneficial for the safety of your eyes as well as the lenses.

Secondly, if you have big or sharp nails, be very careful while handling the contacts. A single scratch or tear can make them go to waste.

Looks to Create

If you are blank and have no idea about how to wear blind white contact lenses, then we are here to get you through that as well! There are various enamoring looks that you can make with the assistance of white contacts. The most famous one is “The Zombie Look”. But if zombies aren’t your thing, you can dress up like a ghost or vampire as well.  Other than that, you can be an evil spirit, sequential executioners, witch, a medical attendant, blind man, anime character, or freaky carnival jokester. If none of it attracts you, then you can be yourself by donning your favorite costume and putting on makeup that you think will suit white eyes the best.