Apply for Water Connection Delhi Jal Board – Procedure

Want to apply for a  Delhi Jal Board water connection? Here we provide you instruction and procedure to apply for water connection in Delhi. The whole procedure will take about 15 to 30 days. Read the instructions carefully before applying offline to Delhi Jal Board.

Instructions to apply for Water Connection

  1. A regular connection shall be considered, on receipt of an application in the prescribed format.
  2. Application may be made by the owner/occupier of a  property once the construction is completed in that property or by the owner/occupier of such premises where Board has provided/ extended water distribution system in that area after the construction provided that such construction is authorized one.
  3. No person is authorized or allowed to draw water from Board’s water system by any means other than through sanctioned water connection.
  4. No regular connection will be allowed in a vacant plot/piece of land.
  5. No individual connection will be sanctioned to any flat or house in a co-operative group housing society/ apartment complex or other domestic/non-domestic complexes where bulk connection either exists or is required to be given under the policy in force of the Board.
  6. No water connection will be sanctioned for the basement of any building.
  7. Individual water connection will be sanctioned for a single dwelling unit / floor subject to maximum of six in a property.
  8. Assessment of technical feasibility and sanction of Bulk water connection will be the jurisdiction of Executive Engineer concerned. ZRO will forward the file accordingly after completing the formalities.

Note: Water supply shall not be provided unless arrangement for proper disposal of Waste water exists.

 Click here to download Water Connection Application Form


delhi jal board water connection, Apply for Water Connection Delhi Jal Board | Procedure & Instructions

9 Steps to Apply for Water Connection

  1. For obtaining a water connection for areas falling in the jurisdiction of MCD, the consumer should contact the concerned Zonal Engineer(W) .

  2. The consumer can obtain a water connection in Unauthorized / Regulariged colonies, Approved colonies, Resettlement colonies / Urban Villages, Rural Villages for domestic / commercial / industrial purposes, as provided under the rules.

  3. Application form will be available with ZRO/ZE(W) at the cost of Rs. 10/- . The form downloaded from website can also be used for seeking new water connection.

  4. Application form complete in all respect shall be accepted on the spot at ZE office & ZE will send the file to ZRO concerned for ensuring non-pending of any dues by next day.

  5. ZRO concerned will intimate no dues certificate or details of any due within 3 working days from receipt of file.

  6. ZE will give technical sanction/clearance within 2 days from receipt of file and intimate to the consumers & send the file to ZRO concerned for depositing of Water Connection charges including RR charges & Development charges/Meter Security if any etc.

  7. ZRO(W) concerned will issue bill for payment on the same day on receipt of file.

  8. Applicant has to make payment on the bill raised within 24 hrs & submit copy of receipts to ZE concerned.

  9. ZE will give boring permission for connection to be done by qualified plumber. He shall ensure physical verification of boring/laying of line on appointed date by self or deputing JE/Fitter.


Regularization Of Unauthorized Water Connection

  • The consumer will have to pay enhanced penalty / charges together with cumulative water charges for 3 years as under, apart from facing the risk of disconnection of water connection.

  • Penalty of Rs.3000/- per unauthorized connection.

  • Water Charges per month for the respectively Category for the past three years.

  • Water Development Charges, wherever applicable. (Rates of Development charges have been indicated separately in this book)

  • Usual initial charges such as opening fee, water advance and R.R. Charges etc.


Generally Delhi Jal Board will provide water supply connection in 15 to 20 days if your form and requirements are complete & correct as per instructions. So, read the instruction by DJB and procedure to apply for water connection.