7 Important Basic SEO Tips For Beginners

7 SEO Tips For New Websites To Rank Higher On Google

7 Things to do by New Website Bloggers To Increase Value of Their Site

New to blogging world ? Don’t have an idea how to score seo and rank higher in google searches.

First thing is to increase your domain value by doing many small thing you can achieve that easily. Here we collected 7 important things which a new blogger must do but most of the new bloggers don’t about all of them or miss any one. Which results in not much traffic for their motivation and they left blogging. BlogSpot, WordPress, Static Website or any other platform, when you are launching a new Website, there are few basic Search Engine Optimization techniques, which goes for every type. These SEO tips must followed by everyone. So have a look at these Basic SEO Tricks for new websites Which you need to do:

7 SEO Tips For New Websites To Rank Higher On Google

7 Basic SEO Tips For New Websites

  1. Signup in Webmaster Tools : Big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing has webmaster tools for the webmasters to login and tell them about your site. This is the first & the basic step to take after the creation of your website.
  2. Create and submit sitemap : Sitemap is one of the most necessary thing to do immediate after the creation of your website. You need to create and submit your sitemap to search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. through webmaster tools. If you have a wordpress website, then their is many free plugins available which create a website sitemap and automatically submit it to search engines or you manually do this step later.
  3. Submit Your Site to Internet Directories : Most of the bloggers ignore this step and missed an amazing opportunity to increase value and rank of their site. There is many Internet Directories on the internet like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Business.com, Yellow Pages and Best of the Web.
  4. Exchange Links : Link exchange is the most effective technique to get higher rank in searches. Links to your site from higher better ranked websites always help the new websites to do well in search engine ranking. So, contact other websites admin to exchange links with your site.
  5. Link Building by Blog Commenting : It the basic of link building at startup. Leave your website link by commenting on others related niche blog. Comment on blogs relevant to your website and hopefully they’ll allow you a backlink. If not at least you are spreading word about your site to the relevant readers and you never know, they might have websites and add a link to you.
  6. Social Bookmarking : Another useful way to spread word about your site and hopefully gain valuable links back is to take advantage of social bookmarking. Add pages (not just your homepage) from your site to some of the top bookmarking sites such as; Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon. These sites helps you to spread your site links on the social media which tells the search engine your post is important.
  7. Use Social Media : Create pages of your brand, website on social media like facebook, twitter google plus and gain follower. Read trick to get more follower on social media.

Follow these 7 SEO tips for new websites to Increase value and rank on the search engines. You can check Content Marketing Strategy For SEO, blogging and link building tips. These are the basics which should be followed by every new blogger of new website. If you have any query in using any of the above feel free to comment below in the comment zone below, we will try to resolve it.