5 Best Must Have Unique Apps for Android Phones

5 Must Have Apps for Your Phone

Make your phone be all it can be by installing some useful apps. Out of 1 million apps, few are responsible for changing the way you interact with your phone, and we have listed five apps which are going to make a more enjoyable experience for you. These five apps are very cheap or available at very low price to give them a shot. We can say that these are top 5 must have apps on your phone.

5 Must Have Apps for Your Phone

5 Unique Must Have Apps for Android Phones

1. Pushbullet

This app allows you to send the links or files between devices and computers and is enriched by the desktop notification mirroring, replies of texts from the desktop and universal copy-and-paste. Pushbullet channels are also there to get a subscription of notification and updates


2. Cabinet Beta

Cabinet Beta comes with a great UI and enriches with a ton of features to manage all the stuff you had saved on our phone which includes root access, home screen shortcuts, plugins and much more. Now, you can store your stuff on your spacious device amazingly.


3. Snapseed

A great image editing app which has a clean and user friendly interface comes with lots of filters which give a snap more powerful editing. Snapseed added support for RAW photos which you have captured.


4. Focus

Focus is a perfect app to manage the photos beautifully with a fast speed. The tagging system is a powerful feature which is provided by focus to find the pics. All the images will be appeared in their folder locations.

5. Weather Timeline

This is a best weather app with a beautiful interface, laid out in a timeline making it easy to scroll. This app is also going to tell you about humidity, wind and many more things. Time Machine features will make you look at the portable weather.