If you are a gmail user and want to schedule your emails and sent it later after some definite time or accurate time. This is done very simply now by just installing a simple plugin in your browser called Boomerang for Gmail which allows you to schedule your emails. It is a simple plugin to use it provide an additional option for scheduling in your gmail inbox.

Steps to Schedule an Email Message in Gmail Account

For Desktop Users

1. Download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome if you don’t have.

2. Install Boomerang Plugin for firefox or Chrome from Boomerang Official Site. Installation is briefly explained below.

3. Just restart your browser and their is new button for scheduling emails in your Inbox.

For Mobile Users

1. If you are a mobile user and want to schedule your Email from your mobile. You have to download boomerang Mobile app.

2. Click here to Download Boomerang Mobile App for your android, ios or any other platform.

3. Done! Now you can schedule your emails from mobile also.

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Boomerang for gmail, Schedule an Email to be Sent Later | Gmail Trick


6 Steps to Install Boomerang for Gmail Plugin in Firefox

1. Start Download

Click here to download Boomerang for Gmail, if it hasn’t started.

2 Give permission to install Boomerang.

Click “Allow” in the top-right corner of your Firefox browser window.

3 Install Boomerang for Gmail.

Click “Install Now”.

4 Restart Firefox.

5 Open Gmail in a new tab.

You will see a Boomerang link in the top-right corner of your Gmail screen.

6 Start scheduling your messages.

A “Boomerang” button will appear when you are reading a message in your inbox. A “Send Later” button will appear when you are composing a new message.

Similarly, you can also install it on Google Chrome if you are google chrome for accessing your Gmail Account.

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