Pen Stand from Waste Materials

Want to make some useful and creative from Waste Material ? A beautiful Pen stand is best option you could create with old bangles that nobody wears. You can decorate it with your creativity with ribbons, stickers and many more or you can just keep it simple.


Pen Stand From Old Bangles | Best Out of Waste

Things You Need:-

  1. Glass Bangles of same size
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Card Board
  5. Colors and brush

pen stand from old bangles, 5 Steps to Make Pen Stand from Waste

5 Steps to Make Pen Stand from Waste

  1. Collect all the bangles of same size and paste them with Glue till 4 inches to one on another.
  2. Take a small piece cardboard and cut it with scissors according to the size of bangle in any shape. You can cut it in square or circular shape.
  3. Color the cardboard in your favorite colors.
  4. Now stick all the bangles to the cardboard with glue.
  5. Your creative pen holder is ready to use.

Tip: Use colorful different types of bangles for make it more beautiful.

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