11 Ways to Recycle Bottle Caps

If you want to do some creative fun, than fun with bottle cap is a good option. You can create a lot of things by waste bottle caps and use them in a better way.

1. Bottle Cap Key chain


bottle cap key chain, Craft With Bottle Caps | Best Out of Waste




2. Bottle Cap Pendant


11 Ways to Recycle Bottle Caps




3. Mirror with Bottle Caps


bottle caps




4. Bottle Cap Hairpins

hair pin, best out of waste




5. Bottle cap Candles




6. Bottle cap wind chime




7. Bottle cap magnets




8. Coasters with bottle caps


9. Bangle with bottle cap

bangle with bottle cap

10. Photo frame


11. Bracelet

bottle cap braslet, 11 Best Bottle Cap Crafts & Ideas

If you also have an unique idea so share it with others and comment below your creative idea.

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