Best earphones under 50 dollars

Check out the complete list of Best Earbuds Under 50 Dollars

Sturdily built, alluring design, comfortable wear, exceptional sound quality with appropriate bass amounts are certain essential features that an ideal earphone must have.

In the following discussion, let us explore the best earphones that are readily available in the market under 50 dollars.

After reading this complete article you will be able to choose the best one for you, from these Best Earbuds Under 50 dollars.

1) SoundMAGIC E 10 is one of the amazing models that could easily outperform all its competitors. The earphone is preferred by consumers because they offer an easy fit. Sound isolation is excellent, which means one would be able to enjoy tracks even in a noisy environment. This earphone also happens to provide an agreeable user experience as they are made of soft materials. The product comes with a metal casing, which is extremely durable in nature.


1) Balanced sound

2) Remarkable clarity

3) Resilient and stylish

4) Needs Low Maintenance


1) No place for Bass Heads

2) Brainwavz is a great brand and its S0 model has managed to acquire utmost recognition among the customers. One of the chief benefits of this product is that they come with premium ear tips, which ensures comfort as well as great sound isolation. Light weight, durability, and user-friendly nature are some other additional advantages that have made this earphone a favorite of modern-day customers. What makes it a lot cooler than other earphones in the market is that S0 provides clear and enriching sound.


1) Durable packaging along with thick wires.

2) Chic designs.

3) Overall enhanced sounds.

4) Comes with varied accessories like ear tips, clips, and cases.


1) Has strong mid bass, which might be disliked by some individuals.

3) ZERO AUDIO Carbo Tenore is a noted earphone of the audiophile society, which provides amazing sound at an affordable price. Softer ear tips are decent and comfortable. The sound isolation is also quite good. Listening through this product even for prolonged hours would not cause any type of irritation, thus much favored by the consumers. Manufactured from aluminum and carbon, this item stands to be long-lasting.


1) Detailed and balanced sound.

2) Could play heavy metallic songs.

3) Great for vocals as well as instruments.

4) Could be used in all kinds of environments.


1) The built is not that good.

2) No warranty.

4) Sennheiser CX300 II is the best earphone available under 50$. Bass-driven and powerful sound makes this product desirable. They fit nicely and remain in the ears in all kinds of situations. The product could also be customized, in accordance with one’s requirements. Light-weighted and durable nature makes them easy to carry. But the noise isolation is average. Check out the more best earbuds under 50 or 30 dollars and other music gadgets here on


1) Punchy bass.

2) Have enough bass heads.

3) Prominent brand name.

4) Reasonable price.

5) Flexible and durable design.


1) Lacks balance and detailing.

5) JLAB J4 Heavy Bass Metal Earbuds are noted for its astounding finish and sturdy nature. Although the weight may be a little bothersome initially consumers could get accustomed with time. Noise isolation is not that good and the ear tips are also average. As there are wide ranges of ear tips, you could gain balanced sound if you choose the right option. Clear highs and punchy bass are some optimal features.


1) The quality case that lasts long.

2) Detailed sound quality.

3) Reinforced cord that could be tangled easily.

4) Maximum durability at a nominal price.


1) Cannot provide great sound.

6) NRG Wood Headphones is the model manufactured under the brand name- Symphonized. The product has excellent acoustic qualities with sleek vintage designs. There are six different kinds of ear tips available and each of them is known for providing great noise isolation. Fulfilling and warm sound quality that would simply make you fall for tracks. Consumers are advised to go for gold-plated audio jacks and silicone ear buds that generate passive sound isolation.


1) Agreeable sound quality.

2) Made from wood offering phenomenal finish.

3) Comfortable and durable.

4) Available in innovative designs.


1) Wood changes sound quality, which may not be liked by some listeners.

Consumers are free to purchase any of the aforementioned products as they are easily available in the stores and online outlets.

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