3 Easy Nail Art At Home| Tips & Tricks

Creative Way to Make Nails Looking Beautiful

Want to make your nails beautiful & trendy ? You Don’t need to be a superb artist to Create a Nail Art. You just have to know some simple tips and tricks to Create a wonderful Nails Art. Check out nail designs on pinterest & these 3 ways to make your nails looking beautiful :

3 Ways to do Nail Art

1. Nail Art With Sponge

3 Easy Nail Art At Home| Tips & Tricks

Steps To Do Nail Art With Sponge

  1. Take to Nail Polishes and mix both of them slightly.
  2. Take a sponge piece and dab it to the nail polish.
  3. Than dab the sponge on to the nail.
  4. Cleanup around your nail area.


2. Nail Art with Bobby Pins

Creative Way to Make Nails Looking Beautiful

Steps to create Nail Art With Bobby Pins

  1. Paint your nail with a base coat.
  2. Pick another color for dots.
  3. Unbend a bobby pin so it’s sort of straightened out, and then dip the tip of it into your drops of polish.
  4. Wait a good ten minutes of dry-time before applying topcoat.


3. Nail Art With Newspaper

3 Ways to do Nail Art


Steps To Create Newspaper Nail Art

  1. Apply a solid base coat on nails.
  2. Paint your nails with nude or light pink nail polish  color.
  3. Dip your nails in water.
  4. Take a small Piece of newspaper and press it on nails.
  5. After few seconds peel off Newspaper carefully.
  6. Remove excess nail polish with remover.
  7. Apply a topcoat to nails.

These are the 3 creative ways to do nail art. Comment your opinion and suggestion in these nail styling tips. Use Vaseline to make your hand beautiful to suit your nails. If you like this “how to do nail art” post share this with your friends to let them know too about these awesome tricks to look pretty in the party.

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